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Tuckerman Ravine, NH: 04/16/08

This community has not seen much activity this season unfortunately. I have been remiss in posting some of my better trip reports as per previous seasons. Better late than never. Here is a report from Tuckerman Ravine this past Wednesday. This weekend the Inferno race is being held so it will be a traffic jam for sure and the busiest weekend of the year for the ravine. I’ll be heading over to Stowe and Mad River Glen to burn my last two vouchers over there as both mountains are closing this coming Sunday. About a half dozen ski areas will make it one more weekend beyond this one if any one is interested. After this weekend’s final lift serviced romps, I will be reporting in from Mount Washington most weekends with good weather through June and perhaps a few in July as the base depth up there is insane. Cheers!

Tuckerman Ravine, NH: April 16th

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