Taira (taira602) wrote in skiing_ne,

ski resorts open in the spring?

So, for various reasons, I'm probably going to be taking some time off from school, and I came up with the idea of becoming a ski bum - working at a ski resort, and spending the rest of my time skiing. However, it makes more sense for me to do this spring quarter than winter quarter, thus putting me right out of ski season.

Does anyone know of any ski resort pretty much anywhere (okay, U.S. is better) that is open year-round, or especially in the spring? I have googled and googled and come up with about nothing. Or, some are open year-round, but during non-winter months they host other activities, thus defeating my purpose of ski bumming. I'm specifically looking for an entry level job for the months of april, may, and june, but only those months. Does anyone know if this is possible?
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